Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Maybe you were simply born with it… A gap? Maybe you won the trophy but lost your four front teeth in last weekend’s polo tournament? Or maybe you would like to say farewell to a removable denture and get something more solid? We specialise in restoring your smile by offering dental implants solutions to suit your needs.

We are passionate about dental implants. More precisely – we are passionate about making the experience as pleasant as possible. Dental implants have revolutionised the world of reconstructive dentistry. We see firsthand the transformation of lives when we incorporate dental implants into our treatment plans. Dental implants give us the ability to build solid foundations, whether we are replacing a single tooth in a smile, or whether we are reconstructing a complete complement of teeth. The design of dental implants always evolve, materials are improved and new treatment methods are continually devised. We are at the forefront of it all and we are proud to offer you the best from the world of implant dentistry.

Why Straumann® Dental Implants?

We exclusively place Straumann® dental implants, but we restore implants from all manufacturers. Straumann® has its roots in Swiss precision engineering which is why their dental implants are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. Their implant system is the most researched and documented in the world and their success can be attributed to continuous research and innovation. Straumann® adopted a pioneering role in the 1960’s and today they are  a leading global contributor to research and development in this field. Straumann® is also the implant system recommended by the International Team for Implantology (ITI). Read more at

We only place the best quality products, make use of the latest available technology and we follow sound surgical protocols. This method of practice, together with our ongoing support, truly offers you a long-term partner – whether you require a single implant or a full oral rehabilitation.

Dr Thinus van NiekerkBChD (Pret) Dip Implantology (Pret)

What can I expect?

Every case is unique and therefor your implant journey may look completely different to the one outlined below. There are just too many variables and options to accommodate every scenario. During your consultation and planning phase we shall look at all your options and together make decisions that best suit your lifestyle and needs.

3-5 Appointments
2-6 Hours Chairtime
Minimal Downtime

Typical first appointment

All first encounters take the form of a full consultation where we assess your medical and dental health. We listen to your immediate concerns and discuss how these may fit into a comprehensive treatment plan. We then make treatment proposals based on your lifestyle and needs. Once agreed we proceed with additional diagnostic and planning procedures. These typically include studio photographs, digital or conventional impressions and a CBCT radiograph. For complex cases we usually allow a 2 week planning period before the next appointment.

Typical second appointment

Assuming that the tooth has already been removed and that the site is healthy, we will proceed to place your implant. A straightforward implant case may be completed in 15 to 20 minutes, but more complex cases may require 1 to 4 hours. The complexity largely depends on the amount of implants that need placing as well as the extent of reduction or augmentation surgery. We understand that a positive experience often depends less on the physical procedure than it does on managing the emotional process and we prepare you for both. We have partnered with reputable anaesthetists to provide optional conscious sedation during the surgical procedure. In some cases we book a two week follow up appointment to assess healing and to remove sutures.

Typical third appointment

This appointment may be booked 6 to 12 weeks after dental implant placement. A test will be performed to ensure that your dental implant has integrated sufficiently and may be ready for loading. If we are restoring a straightforward single dental implant your final crown will be manufactured and fitted on this day. More complex cases involve analogue impressions and further steps in planning the final prosthesis.

Additional appointments

Complex cases often involve a longer healing and prosthetic planning phase. Our goal during these additional appointments is to create a functional and aesthetic provisional prosthesis before converting it to a final product. With more than 10 years experience in restoring complex dental implant cases we offer peace of mind during this sensitive transition phase. On the final day of delivery we typically celebrate months of hard work and commitment with smiles, tears of joy and high-fives all-round.

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