Clear Aligners

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Clear Aligners

Because you deserve a beautiful smile. Whether you have been dreaming of having a beautiful smile for thirty years or whether you are only 22 years old, there is a beautiful smile waiting to be uncovered and it all starts here – getting them straight!

So, you’ve said no to braces and veneers just sound too invasive. You love the shape of your own teeth but wish they could be a bit straighter. You are always on the go and life is just too busy to constantly be at the dental office. You want control over your own treatment, and we get that. A few years ago, we would’ve smiled, shrugged our shoulders and told you to keep dreaming, but today we can offer you just that! With the arrival of the digital age in dentistry we have more options than ever to get you the smile of your dreams. Clear aligners happened when digital dentistry and 3D printing united in technological procreation. Clear aligners are custom designed trays that sequentially move teeth into their desired positions. They may be removed at mealtimes and for social interactions, making them very attractive to anyone with a strict gastronomically social schedule.




ClearCorrect® or Invisalign®?

We offer both Invisalign® and Clearcorrect® aligners. Invisalign® was the original clear aligner system that perfected a complete digital workflow. They are the largest clear aligner company in the world and their reach continues to grow. Clearcorrect® is the second largest clear aligner provider worldwide. They are based in Texas US and have been around since 2006. They opened their doors to South Africa in 2019 and we did not hesitate one moment before jumping on board.

Both systems are top tier products and deliver excellent results. Both systems offer either a ‘pay-per-aligner plan’ as well as an ‘unlimited plan’. When it comes to choosing which product to buy, we can only split them on the basis of cost. ClearCorrect® is far more affordable and they also do not charge for case planning, which means you only need to commit financially when you are absolutely happy with the proposed treatment plan. The choice however is yours 😉

What can I expect?

Every case is unique and therefor your clear aligner journey may look different to the one outlined below. During your consultation and planning phase we shall look at all your options and together make decisions that best suit your lifestyle and needs.

7-25 Appointments
15 Minutes per Appointment
No Downtime

Typical first appointment

All first encounters take the form of a full consultation where we assess your medical and dental health. We listen to your immediate concerns and discuss how these may fit into a comprehensive treatment plan. We then make treatment proposals based on your lifestyle and needs. Once agreed we proceed with additional diagnostic and planning procedures. These typically include studio photographs and a digital intra-oral scan. We then open a case on a cloud server and your files are sent across to the US for processing and case planning. We receive the planned case within 2 weeks and following our mutual approval the go-ahead is given. Manufacturing and shipping thereafter takes three weeks.

Typical second appointment

During this appointment we will clean your teeth and possibly place tooth-coloured anchors on key teeth. These are very small and are rarely thicker than 1mm – some cases don’t even need anchors! We will then place your first aligner, making sure it fits snugly and comfortably. You will then return to the practice every 2-4 weeks to receive your next phase of aligners. This schedule is very flexible and differs from cases to case. Treatment times vary from 3 to 18 months depending on the amount of tooth movement required and typical treatment time is 6 months.

Additional appointments

Even though your case is planned from start to finish we have to monitor progress very carefully. Every case is different and we often make small ‘unplanned’ changes to enhance tooth movement and improve the ultimate results. At your final appointment we remove any resin from your teeth and you will also receive a full polish. Many patients opt to have a Zoom! teeth whitening treatment done at this time, but that is completely up to you. And finally we celebrate your new smile with high-fives all-round!

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