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As your Bryanston dentist it is our aim is to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible and to set a new standard in individualised patient care. By incorporating the latest in modern technology, a transparent goal-oriented workflow and friendly service – we have everything needed to get you smiling time and again.

Dental Implants

Mind the Gap

Losing a single tooth can be traumatic and leave you feeling ‘incomplete’ – so restore your smile with a dental implant crown. A surprisingly quick and relatively pain-free procedure that will get you smiling with confidence again. Lost more than one tooth? Or maybe you would like to say farewell to a removable denture? We also specialise in restoring your functional bite and will offer many different solutions to suit your needs and your pocket.

Facial Aesthetics

A Better Version Of You

 We do not believe in simply changing faces, but rather in unveiling and optimising the existing potential locked within. We do this so that our patients may be the best versions of themselves today and preserving it for tomorrow. The industry is continually evolving, with new products and treatments being developed all the time. We go to great lengths sourcing the best products and implementing the latest treatment methods available so that you too may benefit from modern anti-ageing and facial aesthetic technologies. Visit your Bryanston dentist today to find out what we can do for you.


Embrace Your New Smile

Has your child been screened for possible orthodontic treatment? We believe the impact of well-timed orthodontic treatment on your child’s development is so significant that we offer orthodontic screenings as part of our ‘kids cleaning program’.

Adult Orthodontics is alive. Imagine treatment times of less than 12 months. Consider treatment of complex cases without involving surgery or unnecessary extractions. Imagine yourself smiling with confidence and loving it. Orthodontic treatment may give you the smile of your dreams, but that’s not all – look forward to improved breathing, better aesthetic facial proportions and symmetry, less muscular tension and TM joint problems, and increased oral health with less tooth wear. Visit your Bryanston dentist today to find out what we can do for you.

Smile Design

Your Greatest Asset

Just like you, we don’t have time for fancy quotes or cliched phrases about the importance of a beautiful smile. The truth however remains – your smile is your brand. Together we will assess your smile and choose the best possible treatment options. We are experts in smile design and are ready to give you the smile of your dreams.

Trusted by international models, actors, musicians, tv personalities and diplomats – our results are a testimony to our commitment to aesthetic excellence. Visit your Bryanston dentist today to find out what we can do for you.

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